Planet 9 – Part 1: Preparations

In lieu of NASA recently finding a planet further than Pluto in our solar system. I decided to think of a short story of them actually going to this planet to see what it’s like.

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Unconstrained: IV (End)

My short story called Unconstrained that I released into parts have finally come to a close in this forth part. It is a bit longer but hopefully the ending is decent. I remembered a few things that somewhat helped me write this part and if you’d like to know what inspired me to write this short story. Feel free to ask

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A vastly brisk evening fell upon the campus area¬†of University of Eastern College as a group of students began to gather their equipment as the elongated Biology class came to a close. Normally, during any night that this class would end with a brief statement from the professor with something as in “Your homework is…” […]

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